After more than two decades operating as a traditional player in the life bancassurance sector, Mediterráneo Vida became part of Banc Sabadell when the latter acquired Banco CAM in 2012.

The company ceased to sell new policies in 2014 and, following the acquisition by a consortium of investors led by Ember Capital, the company became an independent platform specializing in the management of Life insurance portfolios. This transformation provided the backing of major institutional investors with a long-term vision and commitment to finance the company’s growth plans.


Freed from the requirement to allocate resources to new business and sales, our attention and energy is now entirely focused on efficient policy management and administration, as well as on optimizing capital and investments.

Following the acquisition of a portfolio, Mediterráneo Vida works closely with its partners to ensure that they can maintain the relationship with transferred clients, such as the case with Banc Sabadell. Future policy portfolios added to the platform will be offered through other intermediation channels as needs may require.