Customer Service Department

Managing large portfolios of savings, annuity and investment policies is a great responsibility. That is why we have a team and a Board of Directors with enormous talent and experience in the world of life-savings insurance and pensions.

In accordance with article 12.1 of Order ECO /734/2004 of March 11th on the Customer Care Service and Consumer Ombudsman Department at financial institutions, before submitting a grievance or complaint to the Customer Service Department, that complaint must be previously addressed to the Company through the following contact form or through its managing branch of Banco Sabadell in order to take it into consideration.

Once the claim has been received by the Company, in the event that the office or the contested service has not come to a decision in favour of the client, we inform you that Mediterráneo Vida offers a Customer Care Service that aims to address and resolve complaints and grievances staked by policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries, aggrieved third parties or assignees of any of the aforesaid who have such recognition due to their relationship with Mediterráneo Vida and to their legally recognized interests and rights, to which we inform you of the procedure to follow.

You can lodge whatever complaint or claim you wish with this service. You can download the contact form at your disposal and send it duly filled in by mail to the following postal address:

Mediterráneo Vida – Customer Service Department
Calle Ausó y Monzó, 16, 8ª
Planta –Ed. Hispania
03006 Alicante

Or by e-mail to [email protected], provided that you comply with the provisions of Law 59/2003 of December 19th on electronic signature.

Moreover, the lodging of complaints and grievances should be done abiding by the provisions of article 9 of “Regulations for the protection of MEDVIDA customers” which is available to comply with the current legislation.

The regulation complies with the guidelines established in Order ECO / 734/2004 of March 11th regarding customer care and consumer ombudsman departments at financial institutions.

In the event that the claim was dismissed or if a month period has elapsed without a ruling having been issued on the matter, you may appeal to the Claims Service of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds in accordance with the provisions of order ECC / 2502/2012 of November 16th. In this sense, Order ECO / 734/2004 stipulates the need to resort to the Customer Service before appealing to these instances.